Higher expenses for hard-working councillors

MY EYES, and I expect those of many of your readers, were caught by two reports in last week’s Observer, both relating to Battle town councillors.

The first concerned the news that councillor Chris Pike who is stepping down, revealed that he not only represented the Watch Oak ward, but also sat on at least five sub committees.

The second report dealt with the statement by councillor Ron Harris, who represents the Telham ward and sits on six committees, that councillors receive an expense allowance of only £10 per annum.

This is scandalous. How in Heaven’s name we can expect volunteers to work their socks off for the benefit of the town to receive so little to cover their expenses, especially as fuel and parking charges are forever increasing, will, I’m sure, be beyond the comprehension of the majority of your readers.

The expense allowance should at least be doubled - it costs nearly £10 to back the car from the garage these days.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle