Hilda steps down from Village Voice

IT IS with great sadness that I now give up the Whatlington Village Voice completely and hand it over to Andy.

Over a period of time other people have asked if they could write the Voice, and as I do not live in Whatlington and these people do, I thought that it would be more appropriate for this to happen.

I actually took over writing Whatlington Village Voice because nobody else wanted to do it and have enjoyed most of the time writing it.

I also have other commitments now and will eventually give up all I do in the village and perhaps in time do something locally.

You will know from reading the Village Voice over the last few weeks that I have not been writing it, as we all have our own individual styles of writing and Andy’s writing, is of course different from mine, which I believe again is good for you the readers.

I have always spent a lot of time in thinking about what I am going to write and have made the column as interesting as possible, although sometimes I have extended my thoughts over and above what is happening in the village.

I notice from other Village Voices that others are also writing more informative and interesting pieces which I think make it more enjoyable for the readers.

I have always indicated that what I have written has been my own personal views.

I would like to thank all those people who have supported me over many years, many giving me positive feedbacks about the Village Voice and if I missed a week, telephoning me to ask why!

I can always be contacted on 01424 77358 or hamishhilda@hotmail.com

I have every confidence that Andy will continue to write an excellent column and keep you all in touch with what is happening in the village.

Hilda Aplin