Historian should ‘put up or shut up’

Following on to the letters and articles generated by Nick Austin’s “theories” about the site of the Battle of Hastings I thought I should share the following with your readers:

For the past few weeks he has been sending me unsolicited emails expounding his theories and denouncing English Heritage etc etc. I have replied strongly with my opinion on the subject. So far so good. After receiving yet another diatribe from him (and wanting a peaceful Christmas..) I pressed the unsubscribe button.

To my astonishment I received a reply saying I was now “blacklisted”. Now the Oxford English dictionary definition of “blacklist” is “a list of persons under suspicion. In disfavour”. Another example of Austin’s extreme attitude to those who do not agree with him and his insensitive use of the English language.

Without curbing our right to freedom of speech can I ask that we the readers be spared more of Austin’s PR campaign until such time as he can put up or shut up.

Anne Ainsley MBE, Caldbec Hill, Battle.