Hope punishment fits appalling crime

I FEEL certain that all readers were shocked to read of the injury to John Adams reported on the front page of last week’s Rye Observer.

It is to be hoped that his sight in his damaged eye can be saved.

My good wishes and I’m sure those of everybody go out to him.

As usual, we have the statement by the police in the penultimate paragraph of the report saying patrols in the area have been stepped up.

This, to me, is the same as the tired old statement that is rolled out when anything goes wrong telling us that ‘lessons will be learned’.

In the case of patrols being stepped up in the wake of the shooting of Mr Adams, I’m sure residents would wish them there before the shooting, not after.

What good is that going to do?

We are assured, of course, that the police will do all they can to catch those responsible for this despicable act.

Let us hope that, when they are brought before the court, they are suitably punished and not given Community Service, suspended sentences or similar.

Denis Langley

Chitcombe Road

Broad Oak