Housing development is on hold

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AT the Battle Parish Assembly last week, a question was asked in relation to the progress of the Blackfriars housing development in Battle.

I have made further enquiries and while the application is technically still active, Rother’s officers are sure that the developer Countryside has no wish to pursue the development.

As I said at the Assembly, this does not mean that the designation of Blackfriars will change, and Blackfriars is still allocated as land for housing – as it has been since the 1970s.

Rother District Council is continuing to work with the other landowners to bring forward development on the site and while I know that opinion is divided about Blackfriars, it is still a fact that affordable housing is desperately needed in Battle and I hope that some can be built in Battle soon.

Cllr Kevin Dixon

Battle Town Ward

Rother District Council