How does RDC find money for mag?

IT IS surely possible that I am not the only Rother resident who finds it hard to believe that our district council can, in these straitened times, still find the money to produce and deliver to each household a largely self-congratulatory full colour magazine.

The latest version of this expensively produced quarterly appeared on my doormat the other day with the promise on its front cover of providing within, information about the forthcoming Olympic Torch’s visit to our area.

Instead however of a detailed map of the planned route, I discovered a two page spread of the same stuff we have been hearing for weeks about the flame, its history, torch construction etc.

As for the sort of information that one might expect to see in a local publication, I did find buried in the text details of its arrival and route in the ‘State Capital’ of Bexhill and reference to appearances in Rye and Winchelsea, but nothing at all about my nearest point of access – the large conurbation that is Hastings and St Leonards (how parochial – you see it’s not in Rother!)

This brings me back to the first sentence of my letter...

Richard Widenka

Old Mill Walk