How long before a fatal accident on High Street?

11/10/11- Traffic congestion in Battle High Street caused by a parked delivery lorry.
11/10/11- Traffic congestion in Battle High Street caused by a parked delivery lorry.
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ON TUESDAY last, about 2pm, I was driving along Battle High Street.

There were two unattended lorries illegally parked, which reduced the road to one way traffic.

The west side of the road was full of parked vehicles which did not help the situation.

When I finally started moving again, I noticed a young woman literally sprinting along that side of the road.

I realised why she was running when I saw the head of a little girl, aged about three years, emerging from between two parked cars. This child was also running.

Her mother managed to grab her just as she was about to run out in front of a car, two away from mine.

She was a split second from possibly a fatal accident.

I must praise this woman for her fast reactions which without doubt saved her child from at best serious injury.

If the cars had not been parked there the drivers would have a better view of pedestrians, and there would be no cars to run out between.

The council has shot itself in the foot by putting up parking charges from 70p to £1. Although I have always supported parking charges, as it discouraged traders from parking all day, thus freeing it up for shoppers.

But now the car park is half empty, so less revenue as opposed to more.

And motorists are parking indiscriminately wherever they can find a place.

The High Street is always full, due to no traffic warden.

The worse place is North Trade Road, where parking reduces it to one way, causing long tail backs.

This time a child was saved. How long will it be before a fatal accident occurs?

All for the sake of a parking ticket.

Ivor Llewellyn-Jones