I commend the aspirational approach made by school

I am aware of some concerns raised by some parents of the School relating to the recent announcements regarding Crowhurst joining the Comenius Project and the associated visits that this encompasses.

Having had one child grow up and go through Crowhurst School successfully and move on to secondary school, and now having our second child at the School I would like commend the school on the activities that have been spearheaded by the wonderful teaching team at the School, which is being led by Yourself as the headmaster.

The ethos at the school is focused on success and initiative driving the school forward. The success the school has had is unquestionably defined in its proven track record of results which the school is regularly amongst the top performing schools. This continued success at the school is also shown in the major redevelopment works to the main school building, the gardens and play areas and the sports areas. Clearly there is a driving force for change and striving to develop and achieve year on year.

This very ethos is also why I see Crowhurst School joining the Comenius Project as an exciting opportunity for the school, its teaching staff and our children. The opportunity for our teachers to experience different teaching and learning styles from other European schools introduce improvements to enhance any teaching, should be encouraged. The chance for our children to benefit from this and the opportunity for our children to actively participate and communicate with other children across Europe will only help in developing their technology skills in a cyber-network. Developing our children’s understanding of different cultures, schools & communities is a great way for a small village school to reach out beyond the local community.

Benchmarking in the business world is the norm and it’s a great way to develop different approaches and ways of working. I think it’s aspirational for a small village School to be exploring new ways of working and different thinking method’s that may be the outcome of this process, it is easy to remain in the physical constraints of the local community and not branch out to let our children grow and be inspired by new opportunities.

My opinion is that the school should be congratulated in securing the additional funding, and I look forward to seeing the feedback from the visits.

Gary Yeo

Wentworth Way

St Leonard’s on Sea