I’d like to challenge the PM

Was surprised to note whilst watching NewsNight on BBC 2 on Monday, 23/02, that Hastings was honoured by a visit from Mr C and some of his party, but only seeming to visit ‘safe ‘conservative type areas’ visiting mainly the over 65 age groups, in usually being the main voting groups? What a pity Mr C and his team did not have the Ed Balls to visit; Hastings College to meet younger people, students, and mature students who could have quizzed him on his plans for them, their future prospects for jobs, and better educational opps in Hastings.

Also a wasted opportunity in failing to visit local disability orgs to meet disabled people classed as being able to work/of working age, who despite genuine disability/or illness, have had their much needed Incapacity Benefits taken away from them, so now having to exist in most cases on just £300 per month Disability Benefit, or loans whilst waiting for their PIPPayments, as PIP Benefit is taking over a year in a majority of cases to be paid. As opposed to the over 65 age groups (the main voting groups)? Disabled people classes as being of working age do not qualify for; free dental care,prescriptions, glasses or any reduction on their heating, electricity, or get any help for Winter Fuel Allowance, and since the demise OF ALL Disability Grants /Funding, and similar, registered DPOFWA now have to pay very expensive high prices for everyday essential living aids to help live safely, and independently, as local charities/orgs are unable to help or lack the initiative to help? DPOFWA have to pay high rail fares too. If unable to afford a Disability Rail Card @ £50 for 3 years. The only free concession seems to be the Free Bus Pass.

Naturally, it is not the fault of the over 65s who have been able to have worked for longer to qualify for a decent retirement and pension. Good luck to you, as you deserve this. The current situation is entirely the fault of the current un caring and out of touch C government who have totally ,’bungled’ what could have been a progressive Welfare to Work programme if they had the sense and empathy to have consulted DPofWA, and relevant orgs who work for and more understanding our needs better, then paying for so called expensive ‘Focus type groups’. In recent times, there was quite rightly a national outcry for poor pensioners. However, there now should be the same campaign for registered DPOFWA who unless comforted by; savings, pensions, other financial means are struggling badly to financially survive. So it was a great shame Mr C failed to visit DPof WA orgs and local charities who cater for ,and younger people.

As I and I am sure others affected by disability and the high costs incurred for this, would have liked the opportunity to have challenged Mr C on this. I also add, that like a lot of people affected by disability, I have been fortunate to have previously worked, (albeit, unfortunately for not long enough)! Paying full NI into the ‘system’. Yet when needed, the same system fails us. No one asks to be in this position, yet DPof WG are continually harassed and financially penalised for this.

So I urge ALL DPOFWA to contact me, and their local societies/orgs to help change the current un fair Welfare to Work Programme, as it is not working for us. It such harsh and un fair treatment, blatant discrimination was happening to any other UK group, there would be a national outcry. Potential employers seem only concerned with what they think we can not do, as opposed to what we still can do, not being aware or bothering to find out about Access to Work funding to help pay for any additional cost to employ us.

The only time society is made more aware of us is when a Conservative Lord, makes a blunder. Quite frankly, we deserve better, much better Mr C!

Christie Ward