I’m horrified by the plans for the new housing project in Battle

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Lee Cornes, St. Mary’s Villas, Battle

Having attended the Battle Blackfriars road ‘consultation event’ on Wednesday, I was frankly horrified by plans which amount to an irreversible despoiling of a much-loved and well-used local green space.

A twisting road involving three right angles will circuit the steep field from the end of Harrier Lane to The Spinney at Starrs Mead.

The reason? To facilitate a housing project for around 240 homes in a tiny area already bounded on three sides by housing.

Never mind the destruction of an ecologically sensitive area in which Common Spotted, Early Purple orchids, Nightingales, shrews, slow worms, bats and buzzards to name but a few species, can be seen.

Never mind that the road will inevitably provide a rat run from Marley Lane to Battle Road in this SatNav age. The area seems just too restrictive for decent quality of life housing – which will comprise largely of one-two bed housing and low rise flats.

Accuse me of nimbyism by all means, but this unique area has been a precious resource for me and my family for over 25 years.