I’m not responding to his lack of response

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MR Hill would not normally “bother to respond” to anyone whose views do not concur with his self-satisfied observations (Observer letters, September 9).

He then responds - of course - but the poor standard of debate which he demonstrates shows that he either cannot or will not actually try to understand what others have to say.

His quotations, from the Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and - heaven help us all - the disgraceful Michael Gove, show that his frame of reference represents the worst of unthinking prejudice - and an inability to focus, even on his own points.

His non-arguments are definitely not worth a response - as anyone capable of thought who reads the correspondence between him and me through your pages will be aware.

For the record, my view remains that young people’s lack of the ‘sacred cows’ of respect, education and discipline can be traced to the poor example set by older generations (my own included) and the shocking complacency demonstrated by Mr Hill and his absurdly smug sort, whose comprehension of the realities faced by urban youth is, sadly, laughable.

Denis Delahunt

Mitten Road