Ice cream story makes me feel sad

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CAN I just say how saddened I was to read your ‘Traders are furious over ice-cream van’ article (Rye Observer, May 11).

What has happened to a bit of friendly competition? How sad that a small group of people feel the need to attack a trader who is legally trading and followed all the correct procedures to trade at this site.

One of the complaints was that traders have been struggling with business during the winter months but your article states that the ice cream van didn’t arrive until the Easter weekend.

Perhaps the local traders should also look at their business strategy if they have been relying on selling ice creams to tourists during the winter months!

As far as I am aware the gentleman involved is from London but lives locally.

For a Rye councillor to say that only people living in Rye should make a profit in Rye is quite outrageous.

I personally like to see a good old fashioned ice-cream van and my children certainly do too.

There are plenty of visitors to Rye to ensure everyone gets a slice of the pie.

I would just like to say to the ice-cream vendor, please don’t think that all Rye residents are as narrow and small minded as this group of individuals - we’re not.

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