Ideal places for politicians

Given our elective representatives in Westminster willingness not to miss a photo opportunity in the local press, can I suggest as opportunities:

The Coombe Haven Nature Reserve, once an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, now destroyed beyond measure because of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road – perhaps they might like to stand next to the trees that have recently been felled?

The Woodland and Green fields North of Bexhill have that will have thousands of new homes built on them?

The land cleared of trees to the West of Queens Way that is ready for industrial development?

Perhaps one of our food banks in Bexhill or Hastings in which demand for support is ever growing?

A Friday or Saturday night in Hastings once the night clubs and pubs have closed and people are wondering the streets in a drunken and desperate state?

Given the Governments support for fast tracking applications for Fracking (irrespective of local views or opinion) without doubt that will be looming on our local horizon soon too?!

J Collins

Crowhurst Park, Battle