Imbalance of cash spend in Rother

I write to support your correspondent John Hill.

My Councillor colleague Kevin Dixon and I together with Cllr Prochak who represents Salehurst Ward have long held that Bexhill gets far more of the Rother pot than it deserves. Millions have been spent on the seafront. Everyone agreed that it needed some care and attention. Leaving aside whether or not we like the shelters and the planting the questions must be: In times of austerity and budget reductions could the money have been spent better in other parts of the District? Could there have been a better financial return if the money had been spent on regeneration projects in smaller centres?

It is time that the ruling Conservative Group at Rother recognised that the whole of the District, including its smaller towns and villages, contributes to the welfare and success of all and as such the rural areas are worthy of the same help and consideration given to Bexhill.

Kathryn M Field

County Councillor for Battle & Crowhurst Division

District Councillor for Battle Town Ward