Intervention was political


Well of course Sarah Owen’s intervention over Playden school hall was political! She reinforces this in her letter of denial (signed ‘Labour PPC’, Your View 16/8/13) by claiming ‘getting results for the area she was born and grew up in’ when she boasts on the internet of being born, bred and schooled in Hastings - not Playden!

Sarah is a young, photogenic, fast-tracked career politician. One need only see her photo-opportunity ‘Labour PPC’ web-site, consider her long experience as a political activist and political adviser to Brighton & Hove Council, to Lord Sugar and her helping develop Labour’s small business policy, to understand how a supposedly ordinary apolitical person ‘concerned’ over the school hall, got a Labour Lord (former leader of Brigthon & Hove Council!) to raise her specific apolitical question in the Upper House, and speedily receive a Ministerial reply by which ‘she can make progress’.

Just think, if an unpaid apolitical Sarah Owen can achieve that without her sponsoring political party’s assistance, while we mere mortals doing ordinary lowly jobs are required to labour through our constituency MP, why do we need highly paid MPs? Think of all that tax we would save! Now that (and honest politicians) would be a miracle!

Barry M Jones, Heather Cottage, Bixley Lane, Beckley.