Invest some money in Rye

After watching BBC’s Southern News on Friday 19th August at 6.30pm, I was appalled to hear that £90 million was being spent on the regeneration of Bexhill sea front.

I think it is about time some money should be spent on our town of Rye after all we are always told that Rye is the jewel in Rother District’s crown.

For years now we in Rye have had the indignity of looking at a row of houses in Fishmarket Road with trees growing out of the slates on the roof and the fabric of the houses breaking down - a real eyesore to the entry of the town.

Then we have the boarded up area in Cinque port street reminiscent of a 2nd world war bomb site, another eyesore to the town apart from the lower school site in Ferry Road that nobody can make their minds what to do with it.come on you Rye district councillors and town councillors get your fingers out and let us Rye people see a bit of action in Rye for a change.

Maurice Blackman, Rye.