Is Battle too posh for palm trees?

LIKE so many Battle residents we were extremely saddened and angry to see the destruction of the mature Cordyline evergreen trees that have stood for some twenty years upon the roundabout marking the main entrance into Battle. To learn that this removal seemingly took place in an initiative led by Beautiful Battle and supported by just a few members of the local town council was remarkable.

It seems unbelievable that a horticultural group set up to enhance Battle can somehow believe that destroying trees that have stood for so many years will improve our town. The main reason we are told is that this type of tree (palm like) was somehow not suitable for a ‘non-seaside’ town. Are palm trees too ‘posh’ for Battle? Or perhaps Battle is too posh for palm trees?

According to the minutes of Battle town Council this decision was taken despite many years of opposing views and was passed by just three against two with one abstention. Is it fair that a tiny handful of councillors (a number being non-Battle residents) can take this decision to spoil the enjoyment of so many thousands of local people and visitors passing by the trees on this well known landmark every day? What public consultation took place before this decision was made? What did the town council do following this decision to publicise this proposal and allow the public to air their views? Surely the vast majority of those living in Battle would never have agreed to this destruction.

We are told that there is even a suggestion of a statue (apparently a plaster Norman or similar?) to sit upon the roundabout. Please no. We can only hope that the council sees sense and brings back trees to our roundabout.

David and Jane

Caldbec Hill