Is council ‘playing with safety’?

I have now obtained more detailed information from East Sussex County Council about the proposed changes to Rye’s street lighting.

The areas where lighting will be turned off completely are much wider than first thought and include all of Tilling Green, Kings Avenue, Military Road and most of the Citadel.

We are told by the Conservative Councillors at East Sussex County Council that this action is essential to assist the Council to meet its budget cut requirements. But East Sussex have informed us that instigating the proposed changes to lighting across East Sussex will cost £900,000 and will produce savings of £160,000 per year. It does not take a mathematical genius to work out that it will therefore take 5 years before any savings will be seen.

With no immediate savings, this begs the question, what are these cuts really about? I hope they are not playing with people’s safety for reasons of political dogma.

Nick Warren, Rye Labour Party.