Is Rother leader changing the rules?

SO Rother are to charge for the green waste collection and Cllr Maynard is justifying it on the basis that it is only fair that those who use it should pay for it.

What a marvellous principle he has come up with, can those of us who have no children then expect a rebate of 18 per cent on children’s services and if we have our own transport can we expect to save a further 10 per cent.

It has always been the case that the council tax is paid regardless of whether you use the service for the good of the whole community.

If Cllr Maynard wishes to change this rule, and it appears he does, then he should be consistent and the council taxpayers of Rother should be given the opportunity to opt out of those services they do not use.

If Rother are not prepared to do this then they should abandon the idea of charging separately for the green waste collection.

Derek Tomsett

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