It pays to be sceptical


I congratulate Nick Perry on re-selection as Hastings & Rye Lib-Dem PPC. Given the unfounded accusations of ‘UKIP lies’ in his party’s Campaign Briefing, reinforced by Nick ‘read the small print’ Clegg imploring us to read the small print in Lib-Dem ‘promises’, we must put into proper perspective the spin that Nick Perry “improved the party’s vote share” at the 2010 general election (Rye Observer 11/4/14).

His 7,825 votes (15.7% share on 64% turnout; 23% Lib-Dem national share) was a very marginal increase over 2005 (6,479 votes; 15.1% share, 59% turnout, 22% national). I won’t mention the 2001 results (OK, if you insist: 4,266 votes, 9% share). These are pitiful compared to their 18,939 votes (35% share, 18% national) in 1992 before the Lib-Dems were rumbled!

With politics, it pays to be sceptical: read the small print, do your own homework and question their dubious statistics and claims about ‘science’! TTFN

Barry M Jones, Beckley.