Jobs promise is ‘political blarney’

I am always bemused by stock preambles and overblown ‘Business Plan’ claims in every grand project (Bexhill by-pass, Lydd, HS1) that it “will create new jobs, bring vital regeneration, boost the local economy and fickle seasonal tourism”. Yeah, right!!

The reality is that despite such claims, unemployment, factory closures and economic activity cycles will continue to yo-yo just as they always have! The grandiose sales pitch is superfluous political blarney, gleefully swallowed hook, line and sinker by politicians eager for votes.

Only those wealthy commuters, on London weighted salaries, who can afford the up-front fare and the pumped up house prices in our rural villages and Ancient Towne of Rye will benefit from HS1 to London, via Rye. HS1 will further turn our local villages into lifeless dormitory settlements, as has happened along the M4 corridor. Those who were bought up here, and trying to protect our declining rural life by working locally and truly boosting our local economy 24/7/365, will be further forced out of the local housing market. Which politician will stand up for them and our vanishing countryside?!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley