Join the debate over new Commissioner

SINCE the police force was established by Robert Peel in the 19th century, we have enjoyed the tradition of policing with the consent of the public in this country, to the envy of many around the world.

In November this principle will be further extended when get to elect the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

The key remit of the Commissioner is to set the police priorities and budget for the county, whilst holding the chief constable to accountable for delivery of the force and regularly engaging with the public and local communities.

This reform is about reconnecting the police and the people, through a directly elected Police Commissioner – it is therefore vital that the public have their say on what they want the police priorities to be in their area.

To discuss this important democratic change, a non-party political meeting was held recently at the Battle Club and those present hope this will be the start of a much needed public debate on the issue.

To that end, a local public meeting is being planned for the autumn, at which the candidates will be invited to explain their vision for policing in Sussex and to put their pitch for why we should vote for them as the county’s Police Commissioner.

To join the debate on what you think the police priorities for Sussex should be and what kind of person should be our Police Commissioner, please join the Facebook group – Elected Police Commissioner for Sussex.

Clive Bishop

Asten Fields, Battle