Keep country park parking free

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After my visit to the council drop-in centre last Saturday, I couldn’t help thinking that the Hastings Council had not quite thought through the situation with regard to the proposed £1 charge in the Country Park, but had simply seen it as an opportunity to balance their books.

Clearly the cost of policing the parking, together with the cost of installing and maintaining equipment will have to be offset against the expected income and no figure was available for this.

I understand Hastings residents will be offered a season ticket but it has not yet been decided if this will be available to Rother residents. I understand they will paint yellow lines along the Coastguard Lane to prevent parking there, but Fairlight residents are in a state of considerable anxiety fearing that visitors are more likely to find a source of free parking on their side of the Country Park rather than pay the fee. The concern is that every available verge and space will be used causing nuisance and possible hazard.

What sad times when we may lose one of the very few free amenities left to us. At a time when we are worried about both adult and child obesity the council should be encouraging its residents to exercise. With the price rise of petrol and everything else such amenities are a godsend to the unemployed and the pensioners whose one pleasure it may be to struggle to keep their family pet or take the children out for the day.

I would ask the council that if they really have the interest of their residents at heart they reconsider this proposal and keep this one last vestige of our green and pleasant land FREE.

Jennifer Annetts