Kitchens at Abbey Hotel are spotless

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WITH regard to the FSA’s report of last Friday, I agree with the Observer Comment when you say ‘...if the places with zero ratings are as bad as the Food Standards Agency make them out to be, then why hasn’t action been taken?’.

Personally, I cannot claim experience of all the outlets named, but can speak for the Abbey Hotel where my wife and I and a group friends, eat regularly.

Here, Rick and Sandra, who have a joint total of 33 years unblemished record in the pub and hotel business, have worked tirelessly to make it a family-friendly venue, and where the kitchens are so clean as to be spotless, could find all their efforts trashed by this outrageous report.

But don’t worry Rick and Sandra, your regulars know you too well to take any notice of any report; we also know that if anybody wants to visit your kitchens they are free to do so at any time, provided it is during opening hours of course.

John Hill

Glengorse. Battle