Lab candidate has a selective memory

SPOKEN like a true socialist, Sarah Owen (Labour PPC) demands that ‘Ripping off commuters (like her) should not be allowed to continue’. (Letters 17/8/12).

What incredibly short lived, highly selective memories these naive party politicians have!

It was her Labour party which ripped off the motorist (commuter, worker, trader and housewife) with their above inflation petrol escalator tax (+VAT) and above inflation wind-farm electricity taxes.

It was her government who ripped off the tax-payer by selling off our gold reserves at a rock bottom bargain basement price and then surrendered Britain’s EU rebate, adding £6bn to Britain’s annual EU tax bill... Need I go on? I can!

It is entirely Sarah’s and her fellow commuters’ choice to commute 50 miles daily to London, on a London-weighted salary, in plush air-conditioned carriages, rather than live closer to work. No one forces them.

£5,000 for a season ticket? Why, that’s more than many of us earn in a year! Why should they then expect and demand to have their travel subsidised by the rural tax-payer, when neither her party nor the tax-payer subsidises those Ryers who commute by car or motorcycle to work in Hythe, Tenterden, Maidstone, Tonbridge or Battle, to where there is no subsidised bus or railway?

Or is it one rule for rich Labour politicians, and commuters, and another for ‘the workers’ and self-employed?

Sarah really needs to experience the real world of manufacturing and self-employment before entering at the tax-payers’ expense the cosseted world of politics!

And if Sarah does read this, why are we still waiting to hear on how she proposes ‘divvying’ Britain’s EU fishing quota, as she proclaimed in the Rye Observer in June?

Or is she still lost at sea, on an ebbing tide?

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane