Lack of investment in water storage

IT IS important to try to answer your leader of June 15 when you asked the question, why was there still a hose pipe ban in Hastings when so much rain had lifted that ban in most of the southern counties.

The basis of the problem is the continual lack of investment in storage, coupled with expanding demand for this critical commodity.

But this is coupled to the resistance of the main beneficiaries to any such plans.

It is also overly clear that too many of our political leaders are so overwhelmed with other issues so that water, climate change and investment priorities are being insufficiently prioritised.

Especially, we the electorate are just not making our mark with our elected representatives to get matters on a more responsive footing.

The fact is that our climate has already changed but we are not responding to it, except to moan!

It is all too evident that our Victorian designed drainage systems cannot cope with the monsoon conditions now occurring more frequently.

There is flooding increasingly everywhere. And still we sit back and hope. Where are the plans to increase the capture of this sudden excess of surface water?

The learned Institution of Civil Engineers has just called for a series of small catchment reservoirs.

But recent letters to your pages suggest that there would be big objection to planning any new open reservoir capacity even if, such as of the £400 million cut in budget for flood defences, was reversed to fund it.

The Dutch as ever get on with the job. There new underground reservoirs, dedicated to capturing fresh flood water, are being constructed to trickle feed the natural underground sources. The latest is actually built underwater!

The lesson for the UK is that we have to start demanding much more investment in water storage and distribution - because in time, even a hose pipe ban in Hastings will pale into insignificance when we, the ever expanding population of users, want more and more - and we just have ever tightening rationing.

On the other hand maybe we deserve to be metered and restricted so we get a fuller appreciation of having water to the door.

Richard Tilden Smith

Church Cottages, Mountfield