Landgate Arch not “Tatty”

I would like to comment on readers’ letters concerning Landgate Arch in Rye such as “Rye’s Arch is a tatty entrance to the town” and “dead birds can be seen from the pavement area” etc etc.

I disagree with these views.

The Arch is a most prominent, important, attraction, Visitors take dozens of photographs of it every day.

In July last year the exterior of the Arch was given a complete clean-over on both sides by Rother Council.

Workmen, abseiling down the face on both sides removed old fungus and completely renewed the netting over the top.

There are no dead birds. Pigeons are often perched in the alcoves of the Arch, some of which are protected by exterior netting. They are constantly on the move.

“With regard to the clock, I understand the interior door to the clock case was broken open . The works now require a complete overhaul at considerable expense, funds for which are not presently available.

A flag on the flagpole would be required to be taken down at sunset each day. Any volunteers?

It is not widely known but there is an underground escape tunnel from the Arch to a nearby cellar of the same period.

John Bragge, Landgate House, Rye.