Let’s have an alternative view

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THERE is an old saying “when you are in a hole stop digging”.  Cllr Bantick would be well advised to follow it. The alliance between the LibDems/CDR is well recognised, not just by the Labour Party but by many others of varying political and non-political hues.

Again, in his letter, he refers to his hobby horse Area Committees, which he failed to mention was a concept thoroughly investigated by Rother District Council at some considerable cost, and was decided against as the perceived advantages were well outnumbered by the disadvantages and costs to the electorate. As he admitted, this LibDem concept is only seriously followed by Eastleigh Borough Council, something which could be in jeopardy as three councillors have quit the LibDem party because of what they consider the unforgiveable behaviour of the MP of Eastleigh, Chris Hume, the Coalition Energy Secretary. Yes, there is an election in May where the LibDems will be required to answer for the broken pledges, which were made, in their usual pie in the sky fashion when they thought they would come third, as usual.

Regarding criticism of his column, readers may well remember “An alternative Rye View” being published prior to the last County Council elections, a column which strove to correct the misleading information of Cllr Bantick’s writings.

Nick Warren,

Rye Labour Party