Let’s work together for new community

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We attended the Rye Town Council meeting on Tuesday 8 May along with a few other residents of Old Brickyard and were able to make our feelings known regarding the front page article in the Rye Observer 27 April.

We had been angry and dismayed at the way our concerns for Old Brickyard had been reported as there is absolutely no animosity towards the residents of Valley Park .

The article was replied to by two Valley Park residents and as one lady suggested a meeting between us all would be helpful and enable us to work together to get all matters resolved .

The council meeting was very constructive and hopefully solutions can be reached as soon as possible

Jane Fraser Hay and Barbara Brown, Old Brickyard, Rye

Editor: The Rye Observer stands by the account of the meeting - which our reporter attended - as fair and accurate.

Everything contained in it was taken from comments made at the meeting together with a two page document handed to our reporter and signed ‘Residents of Old Brickyard, Rye’.