LETTER: Round and round we go for 30 years

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Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001

My wife and I moved to Battle in 1986 (30 plus years ago); at that time, and ever since, car parking in the town has been at the top of the agenda and, at the present rate, it will still be there 30 years hence, for nobody at East Sussex County Council or Rother District Council seems able to develop a comprehensive solution.

All they agree to is more houses, hence more cars, hence more congestion.

For example, I have to smile (wryly) when I read that Rother District councillor Keven Dixon is driven insane when driving through Battle High Street every morning, for he it was who favoured the B/H Link Road, which is the main cause of traffic congestion through the High Street, and he it was, a few years ago, who favoured the building of 245 dwellings (now on hold) at Blackfriars.

It seems to me that only draconian actions are the answer:

1. No High Street parking between 8am and 10am on weekdays.

2. Free parking in Rother car parks up to 10am on weekdays.

3. A residents’ parking card, allowing one hour free parking per weekday (cost to residents say £20 p.a with advertising on card covering any extra costs).

But of course, no scheme will work without enforcement, so round and round we go for another 30 years.

John Hill



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