LETTER: The best place to be in December

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When I was in the Band, it would always be very busy at Christmas. Bands, carol concerts, school concerts and other jobs.

One evening, the Band would split up into groups and go around the camp, playing carols for all the married quarters.

Carol singers would also join us on our travels. We would always end up at the CO’s house.

The cookhouse would send down mince pies and large flasks of mulled wine.

When I lived in Penhurst, the same sort of thing would happen there. Ken Barham was the Priest at Ashburnham and Penhurst.

We would split up the same and visit some of the houses in both villages, usually meeting back up at Paul Broomhill’s house, by Penhurst Church. Penhurst, the place to be, lovely in the winter.

We use to have an Old English Sheepdog, Millie. When her coat was long, she was quite a large dog.

Sometimes, I would be out with her, we would see The Hunt. A lovely East Sussex tradition.

The dogs from The Hunt would just be so big.

Sometimes the chaps would be on horseback. Mostly on bikes though.

They were black push bikes, like the ones some Sergeant Majors use to have when I was back at camp.

They would always be wearing long brown overalls.

Penhurst, Ashburnham or Battle. The best place to be in December.

Johnnie Elliott

Caldbec Hill


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