LETTER: This man should be stopped

I read online that the French authorities are searching the Calais ‘Jungle’ for a known Islamic State terrorist.

On the one hand we have various politicians, including EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, encouraging all EU countries to help refugees, while on the other hand, hiding amongst the refugees there are determined terrorists just so pleased that the EU is letting its guard down so they can gain entry almost with welcome arms as long as they keep up the pretext of wanting asylum.

Once they are in the country, accepted by the locals, it is but a short step to having flying lessons although they may already be qualified pilots.

The 9/11 terrorist atrocity killed 2,996 people and destroyed the twin towers.

Yes, all the 19 terrorist 
hijackers also killed themselves but that is part of their warped philosophy, to die a martyr.

True refugees are mostly fortunate not to have lost their lives in the horrors endured in their home countries but we now have economic migrants and terrorists hiding amongst the massive migrant inflow.

There has to be a very, very firm control on nations’ borders and in the UK we are fortunate to have a sea water moat, the Channel, to help us.

I pity all those EU nations that have signed up to the Schengen open borders policy; they will be unable to control under-cover terrorists entering their country.

However, our government is obliged to ensure the Border Force is adequately funded to cope with extraordinary numbers attempting to enter our Isles.

I don’t think they are as we see illegal migrants still hiding in lorries, trying to walk the tunnel, let alone gaining entry somewhere else on our very long, sometimes uninhabited, coastline.

The TV news clearly shows chlorine gas having been used either by ISIS or Syrian President, Assad,

The green cloud of gas leaves no doubt that it is chlorine.

I thought the nations of the world had banned gas attacks so what is the United Nations going to do about it?

Well, I won’t hold my breath; the UN has proved to be pretty ineffectual over the years and am sure they will come up with all sorts of ‘legal’ reasons why they can’t arrest a president.

Come on, he’s just a bloke who is killing his own people!

What with barrel bombs and gas attacks this 
man should not be allowed to continue in these modern times.

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud