Letter: Worst county for potholes

Just returned from an approximate 700-mile round trip to Wales, and interestingly I don’t think I saw – or, more importantly, hit – one pothole. Oh hang on, tell a lie, I had to get out of Sussex!

There was the ongoing breaking up road surface on the Marsh Road where the council in their infinite wisdom placed a pre-warning “uneven road surface” sign.

Then there was the series of holes on the A27 about 500 yards from the council’s road salt storage yard (surely somebody within the council is aware of these?).

This county must have one of the highest pothole counts in the country?

There is a nasty hole in the road at Windmill Hill which I unfortunately hit coming home last Wednesday evening, where I thought I had smashed my near side front alloy. On inspection of said hole, I did notice the white outline around it. On passing the same spot today (one week later) I noticed the white line is still there but no tarmac infill? Note to council – white lines do not protect wheels and tyres from damage! I don’t know the feasibility but why don’t these white line bods carry a supply of cold press tarmac to make a temporary repair until such time as a permanent fix can be made?

I have myself suffered wheel and tyre damage in the past in Sea Road, and as a result of my subsequent attempt to claim from the council, I was sent a printed folder which basically exonerated the council from any blame. I get the impression the council are in no particular hurry to repair potholes because they make compensation claims as difficult as they can and are reluctant to pay anyway – unless your readers know different?

R E Wilks

Woodsgate Park, Hastings

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