Lib Dem at one with Tory MP Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd is right to ‘face down her own government’ over the proposed cuts to legal aid, as you reported last week.

All power to the elbows of the campaigners marching on the Town Hall on Friday.

Effective legal representation is a key civil right, and it should be available to anyone and everyone - regardless of ability to pay.

It should be remembered that a serious assault on legal aid was started by the previous government, and I remember bitter arguments with Michael Foster about it in the local media at the time. Further cutting should not be continued by the Coalition.

Just as we are doing over the proposed Health and Social Care reforms, Liberal Democrats will continue to battle for the rights of the most disadvantaged.

There haven’t been many occasions to say this recently, but in her opposition to legal aid cuts, I am pleased to say that our Conservative MP and I are at one.

Nick Perry

Rye Lib Dem spokesman