Link road has devastated Crowhurst

I recently visited Crowhurst and couldn’t believe the absolute devastation caused by the building of the Bexhill to Hastings link road, it is an absolute disgrace and something our elective representatives in Westminster and East Sussex County Council should feel ashamed of, what once had been an area of outstanding natural beauty has been destroyed for ever.

The over arching argument and mantra consistently used currently no matter how damaging to our natural environment whether it be Fracking, the Badger Cull, mass housing development, erosion of our green belt or national parks appears to be , ‘economic benefits far out weigh …..’ I absolutely acknowledge the importance of economic growth (for many of us we have experienced at first hand the impact of the recession) but surely such benefit and growth should not be at the cost of our environment? I am absolutely signed-up to regeneration and sensitive, affordable housing that forms part of and enhances our local communities. What I am not signed up to is the cost and negative impact of the Bexhill to Hastings link road.

Jon Hunt