Link Road will bring jobs and housing

I TOTALLY endorse the 
sentiment expressed by Edward Dawson in last week’s letters column of the Rye Observer with regards the Bexhill/Hastings Link Road.

It was interesting to also read the letter from the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hastings and Rye, Sarah Owen, regarding rail fares.

I suspect she was trying to make a political point, but typically of that party fails to remember it was her Government that introduced the system that now reflects the rise in fares which she is now suggesting allow the travelling public to be ripped off as a result.

The public can comment or have their say, regular meetings for example take place with the rail operator, Southeastern, and our MPs are urging the public to come forward in respect of the new franchises.

As far as Network Rail is concerned, which is separate from the train franchises, yes, and a very large amount of money is being spent on the rail networks, which has brought with it faster, more comfortable trains.

Personally, I would like to see some key rural stations lengthened to cater for longer trains so that at peak times passengers to London can get a seat, but that must go hand in glove in addressing the on road parking that many of our villages experience.

Rail operators should be run at a profit, the alternative which seems to be the attitude of her party is to keep borrowing and spending money, and this would only add more financial hardship to us all. Not just the user of the service. In Government they borrowed 20 per cent of what they spent.

It is true that wages are lower than in London, that is why as suggested by Mr Dawson we should come together so as to help the re-generation of the area.

The construction of the Link Road offers the opportunity and introduction of new jobs and housing, giving local employment opportunities to many of those people who now travel to London and for whom the cost of the season ticket is now a major consideration.

Ian Jenkins