Little action over village speeding

VERY sad that a lady from Texas (Julie Fossmeyer, Rye Observer, March 23) should have to point out something obvious to anyone living in and around Rye - in fact in hundreds of similar rural communities - that speeding traffic is making civilised life impossible.

Some of us have tried for twenty years at every level of government, from the parish council to our MP, with little action other than sympathy.

My opinion is that speeding traffic is perceived as an official sign of a vibrant economy, for example the Highways engineer informed me that the B2089 through Broad Oak and Udimore, is part of ‘the strategic road network’ and as such nothing can be done to impede the traffic flow, especially vans and lorries.

The police view seems to be that there is no point in imposing speed limits which drivers choose not to obey.

On a different subject and a positive note, may I take this opportunity to thank those who acted after my recent letter raising concerns about the boarded-up houses in Ferry Road, Rye.

Thanks to Channel 4’s Great British Property Scandal, Mark Randolph of Rother and Sainsbury’s for their efforts in bringing the houses back into use.

Christopher McGrath