Lobby MPs about cluster bombs

ARE we puppets?

We, the tax payers, own more than 80 per cent of the Royal Bank of Scotland and you would think that we would have some say in what our company does.

Not so! Despite Britain having signed up to the international treaty to ban the manufacture and use of cluster bombs, together with over a hundred other nations, RBS has been investing in the very companies that are involved in their manufacture.

No mean investment either! They have invested $80million in these companies in the last year.

We hear government words on how they will curb atrocities in the banking world but little has been achieved and the impression is that RBS regard us as puppets with no heart to object.

This is an insult to tax payers. I urge everyone to write to the RBS chief executive and your MP and don’t mince your words; these cluster bombs remain deadly for years and will kill and maim indiscriminately years after a war, as in Kosovo, was finished.

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud