Local people have been disregarded

YOUR report on the closure of the Crowhurst Road until the end of August sadly is reflective of the ambivalence that East Sussex County Council and our elective representatives have for local residents.

Living in Crowhurst I have been both dismayed and disappointed at what feels like a total disregard for the impact of the link road and its construction on local residents. The ‘silence’ of our elected representatives in both Westminster and on the county council is deafening! It’s as if those of their constituents who will be negatively affected, don’t matter at all or indeed, exist!

Recently my wife was faced with one of the construction lorries in a narrow lane; she couldn’t pass or reverse because of a car behind. The lorry driver jumped out of his cab and started using expletives at her in front of our children. Sadly, yet another sign of the complete and utter disregard for local people affected by the link road.

Jon Bradley

by email