Locals are not happy paying to park

HOW could I do otherwise than write to agree with Tom Foy’s letter in last week’s Observer (11/02/11), in which he advocates a card system enabling local residents to park for free for limited periods in RDC car parks in the town.

Unfortunately this is similar to an idea I put to councillors some six or more years ago, and although they agreed to give it a trial, the bean counters at RDC came up with totally fictitious costs, and so it was abandoned.

You are also right Tom, when you talk about residents wanting to make a quick shop, objecting to having to pay to park each time they do so.

As for my old friend Chris Hone’s comments about parking on Battle Abbey Green, I would remind him of two points.

(1) When the Green and the adjacent road were closed to parking, we were told by the then town council that it would try to find replacement spaces nearby, but that never happened, in fact the number of spaces thereabouts has been gradually reduced. The nearest are those behind Mount Street. And English Heritage, who used to allow free parking for members, now charge.

(2) The Green, which belongs to English Heritage, would not look so attractive if it wasn’t for the floral displays organised by Beautiful Battle. If it was left to EH they would do nothing.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle