Lost greenspaces are testament to planners policy

It’s disheartening and sad to see the number of trees that have been cut down along Queensway and the encroachment of industrial development to the West of the road that had once been green fields and woodland - seemingly brown field sites no longer seem appealing to planners or developers? No doubt our elective representatives both in Westminster and the Council will peddle out the same worn out, hollow phrases that are their favourites: ‘it’s good news for Hastings; local jobs and homes for local people; economic growth to aid economic recovery’, however living locally the reality feels very different.

Nadhim Zahawi, a backbench Conservative MP has warned that unless it changes course with it’s approach to planning and development the current Coalition’s legacy will be one of ‘physical harm’ to our countryside, I think our part of East Sussex is the living testimony to this statement.

Jon Hunt