Lydd Airport will become a monster

We are writing with reference to your article in March 11 Rye Observer regarding the proposed expansion of Lydd Airport.

So-called aviation expert Louise Congdon presenting the case in favour of expansion, has a self-interest in increasing airport developments as a partner in an aviation business.

Louise displayed disingenuousness toward local communities by concentrating on “growing” business and the possibility of 30 jobs in the offing, but omitting any mention of the negative impacts upon the quality of life of local residents.

Already Rye Harbour, Camber and Winchelsea Beach experience the nuisance of small planes buzzing overhead. Do the owners of these planes care what we little people underneath think about the noise and air pollution they are creating?

From our personal experience from living around Surrey, Gatwick Airport expansion increasingly ruined the lives of locals on two counts, noise pollution and traffic increase.

These nuisances accelerate the area’s rapid development into a congested, industrialised environment, from where people want to escape. Redhill Airport employed exactly the same tricks as Lydd Airport is trying now.

This subject is not just about 30 jobs which is bandied about as some sweetener to lure locals to accept the proposals by appealing to their conscience for the common good, but should be about the value we place upon the quality of everyone’s life and our environment, which would be marginalised by greedy, tunnel-visioned business tycoons.

We hope with all my heart Lydd Airport is refused permission to ‘grow’ - think Frankenstein’s monster.

Richard Monk and

Katy Humphreys

Rye Harbour