Magnetometry wanted

It appears that there is more archaeology at the Wilting Manor Farm site than anywhere else in Sussex and going back to the dawn of history - so we were told that no archaeology was on this site by the road builders at the Public Inquiry and as a result the road is almost finished now.

However archaeology integrates with history and now the focus on what is there, why it is there and will now hopefully move to finding the truth.

I am pretty sure as most independent historians are when they look closely at this that Wilting was the site of the original Burgh of Hastings built by Alfred the Great. The earthworks is the right size (or was until they removed half of it) and the archaeology is showing Roman presence and its next to where it is believed the old port of Hastings was located (but not proven yet). Perfect place for an invasion in a protected waterway.

I am looking for magnetometry for a day to evaluate a site close by where there is colloquial evidence of a grave site where the Normans buried their dead. A sword was found in line with the trench and the field shows unusual signs on the lidar.

If we are able to find someone who can help with this its a days work as its a small field currently owned by a Christian organisation - so no digging yet. If the magnetometry delivers then we will dig. I look forward to hearing from you if you know a willing soul with the right equipment. It’s only a matter of time before someone decides its interesting enough to look - hopefully soon now the road issue is dead. Its not about roads its about heritage and making sure we know the truth.

Nick Austin