Make you voice heard at Town Meeting

Can I ask that if you live in Rye and are allowed to attend the Annual Town Meeting and you are concerned or have a moan, you do so next Wednesday.

I would like to attend as I find that there is quite a lot to be concerned about such as; the state of the main pathway walking up and down Rye Hill, where pot holes need filling in before someone falls into them badly and the overhanging vegetation, very bad once you get towards Deadmans Lane entrance and beyond.

And why oh why is there never a traffic warden present sometimes on Market Day (Thursday’s) to stop lazy, inconsiderate drivers from parking along Love Lane, so obstructing pedestrians from being able to safely walk up Deadmans Lane through the short cut leading up Rye Hill?

Or the fact that no-one is able to make the walks along Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour two-way to allow for people who like to cycle there too?

This can be dangerous when in the summer months some cyclists seem to take over, not realising that they are in fact not allowed to cycle in these areas, but could do safely if we had cycle lanes to avoid this.

I cannot attend as I have been told that despite living in Rye and paying my council tax to Rother District Council, I actually live in Rye Foreign, so cannot attend.

Naturally, I had checked the day before, where Richard the town clerk did tell me that I could not vote, but did not tell me I could not ask a simple question.

So, if you live in Rye and you can attend this meeting, please do so and try and get something done for whatever you have a concern or moan about.

It is no good just moaning, speak up, do not feel intimidated or that these meetings are only for a select few. You too have the right to be there!

C Ward

Rye Hill, Rye