Make your vote change the world

Maybe I am just getting old, or the younger generation is becoming more and more, younger and out of touch.

On the one hand, one gives and advises, the younger generation, expecting nothing, in return and one, occasionally, gets nothing but abuse, not only from them, but their parents.

Then on the other hand, one is called Sir and treated with the utmost respect, for what you are offering, in the way of adding an additional dimension, to their lives. I have to, unfortunately add that, the majority of the ones who are in this category, are foreign Nationals.

I hate to admit it but, I have to bow down and accept, that it all, in the end, comes down to class and breeding.

Don’t get me wrong, no one is prouder of being working class, than I am. I also consider myself to be one of the privileged few, who were born on the wrong side of the blanket. William of Normandy was one of us, and he was instrumental in making England into what it is today, or what it was, when we could hold our heads up, and England ruled one fifth of the World.

Now you have Obama and ISIS.

The one thing that the USA is good at is getting into the battle when it’s nearly over, and then claiming, victory.

Well they got it wrong in not only Vietnam, but also Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the May you have the opportunity, to change, what happens, to the rest of your life. Please make sure that you cast your vote, depending on what you expect will help to change your life and circumstances

Respect, breeds respect, disrespect, leads to disrespect and anarchism and kicking out against the morals of society.

The choice is yours, make it wisely.

Tom Firth

by email