Man-made climate change is a trick

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IT IS a documented fact that the scientific conclusion presented in the draft UN IGPCC report was forcibly changed from a statistical ‘90 per cent probability’ that climate change in the last 50 years might be man-made, to ‘a certainty that it is man-made’ - a significant difference - to reflect the entrenched political will, regardless of scientific evidence.

Such political interference is detected in the demand to: “Give local councils the independent advice they need to tackle climate change...and help communities go green” (Letters 10/06/11).

By definition, ‘independent’ means ‘not subject to bias’, so I doubt very much that the signatories to the letter would accept any truly independent advice which shows ‘man-made climate change’ to be a political confidence trick - a view supported by a far larger number than their “voice of hundreds of Greg Barker’s constituents”.

One need only observe the stationary Romney Marsh wind farm, study meteorological records, geological strata, the rise in the frequency of natural, toxic, volcanic eruptions and sun spots, and recall all too easily forgotten cyclical weather patterns to realise how flawed is that political dogma.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand the simple truth that there is only one solution to mankind’s destruction of Mother Earth’s precious resources: population control and self-imposed austerity.

But politicians are unwilling to tackle either as our ‘civilised’ world demands ever more new products and wasted energy in replacing perfectly serviceable old technology (including insulation and battery-free clockwork power) - nearly all now produced in the third world at the expense of their natural resources and ecology - just to maintain our selfish economic growth and tax revenues to pay for our useless politicians and the wasted consumption of electricity in all-night illumination of government buildings, motorways and advertising - for which, ultimately the overburdened tax-payer pays!

The Government and councils are our servants.

We should not employ them to fulfil their absurd political will, which distorts science, at our expense.

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane , Beckley