Many blue badge drivers need spaces

I WAS a little stunned to read Louise Adams’ letter in the Observer (January 6), in which she blasted the attitude of disabled drivers who wish to park at the Conquest Hospital, and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the only letter written in response.

I am one of those people who receive ‘free parking, free car, free tax, free MOTs and servicing.’

Unfortunately, in order to benefit from all the freebies, I had to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and suffer the accompanying pain and problems.

The Disability Living Allowance that I receive each month is paid straight to Motability for my ‘free’ car.

Many disabled people do not have Motability cars at all – they buy their own and just use a Blue Badge when parking.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. At the moment I don’t need to use a wheelchair.

The people who do use them need the wider parking spaces that the disabled bays provide.

However, it is not the fact that an MRI scanner unit was placed in the disabled bays that I have bothered to write about, but the fact that Ms Adams was so scathing of the people who needed the parking spaces and complained because they couldn’t use them.

Nobody chooses to be disabled; for those who unfortunately are, life needs to be adapted in order to meet their needs.

A note to Louise Adams: I think it is sad that you wrote the letter at all as it shows a total lack of compassion for those ‘less fortunate than yourself’ (to coin a phrase).

Vikki Climpson

Edmund Road, Hastings