Many thanks for the food banks

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Rev Simon Earl and his Churches together colleagues for their work in setting up food banks in Bexhill, in Battle and here in Rye, where Gillian Jarrett has done amazing things to get it opened before Christmas.

But as we get closer to the general election of May 2015 all of us whether we are Christians, members of other faiths or people of no faith should stand together and ask all of our Parliamentary candidates two questions which relate to food banks:-

Why in one of the richest countries in the world have we seen this rise of poverty around us, reflected in part by the increasing need for food banks and at the same time we face increasing inequality of income, wealth and opportunity?

And what policies will they and their parties pledge to follow to reduce poverty and halt and then reverse growing inequality?

The answers given by the candidates should then be given the widest publicity with a focus on the commitments, or lack of them, that individual candidates and their parties make to such policies. It will then fall to all of us as voters to ensure that these commitments are met and if they are not, to hold those parties and candidates to account.

Dick & Rosemary Kent

Houghton Green Lane, Playden