Marital Matters

We have been here before as Annie Maclean notes in her letter of April 11th, referring to the subject of same-sex/marital issues (re: past Letters Page correspondence). One reason is that it is a subject that seems to court media and public attention. If only the Government had stopped at civil partnerships rather than invading the territory of marriage and redefining it to suit their political ends. As a result not only are they offering false hopes of well-being to many who are seeking answers to their needs but they have deliberately reversed the Lord God’s moral standards and for this they will be held accountable. In her second point Annie mentioned correctly that Christianity has love at it heart. The highest form of love is Christian love. It warns about deception, hypocrisy and the perils of immorality because it is concerned that no soul should be lost. Moreover it is the love Jesus made manifest for us on the cross. It is a righteous principle which seeks the highest good of others but we must be careful not to confuse sentimentality, carnal pleasantries and affability with true spiritual love. In response to Katie Arnold’s letter (also April 11th) on names for the link road in which she suggested: ‘Cindi Cogswell’s narrow road’, my proposal is: ‘Keep on the Straight and Narrow’.

Cindi Cogswell