Mayor has worked tirelessly for Battle

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IN his letter to the Observer on 11 May, Cllr Ron Harris wrote that he had assiduously fought to retain the character of the town as well as to defend the countryside around the town centre from development (‘Costa has every right to open’).

I believe it is this week that Cllr Harris stands down as Mayor.

This might therefore be a good moment to add that it is not only as a town councillor that he has worked so tirelessly for the best interests of the people of Battle and the surrounding villages.

He has also served as treasurer, and later as chairman, of the Battle Memorial Hall which I believe to be a major asset for our community.

I can testify from my own experience that these are challenging tasks.

Cllr Harris was more than equal to them; a safe and effective pair of hands.

Michael Hodge

Battle Hill, Battle